Talent Boost

10 week free intensive training for software developers

provided by a joint effort of

VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility


x8academy, a software engineering academy for future leaders


x8academy and VMware

United to deliver TalentBoost

Talent Boost is a 10-week free intensive training for young software developers. The top performers will be offered 6-month paid internship positions at VMware Bulgaria!

In Talent Boost, you will get highly valued skills needed for developing software in a big IT company. Writing the code is only a small part of software development. Besides improving your coding skills and technology knowledge, the training will also introduce you to the art of analysis, architecture, and design, as well as various process essentials for developing quality software.

Top Quality Software engineering mentors

The course program starts with basics like choosing the right data structure and algorithms. Then we will delve into the Object Oriented Programming and its implementations. The next step is to try it in parallel — multithreading can speed up your program, but it can also slow it down or even block it completely. Finally, we will make everything work remotely over the network.

In addition, during the course you will have to solve many programming problems. Our lecturers will be giving you directions and feedback how to do it nicely. They will show you the common mistakes and will teach you how to avoid them.

In the software industry it is not enough to just write the code. You will have to consider many other things such as architecture, design, code readability, testability, maintainability, scalability, reliability … and so on. Have you ever thought about these before? The course will train you to consider these issues intuitively and write your code appropriately so that it corresponds to the high standards in the industry.

This is not just another Java course, although we will be using Java language to illustrate the concepts of software development. Don’t worry if you don’t know Java, this is just another tool that you will learn. We will show you a few others that are widely adopted in the industry as wel


65% of all students, started careers immediately after being taught by some of our mentors in the last 7 years. In 1-3 years time, 30% of those became leaders - leading projects, teams or companies.

Remote mentorship

We do the mentoring sessions even remotely and it is proven, by companies that are our clients, that it works.


A lot of awards have been taken by our students (or mentors). The biggest achievement is that most of our students are becoming strong IT professionals.

TalentBoost program covers the following topics

TalentBoost training includes the following intensive courses:

Program Lifecycle Basics (version control systems, review board, bugzilla, IDEs)
Data Structures and Algorithms
Problem Solving/Development methodology (methodologies, agile planning, roles)
IO (Readers/Writers, Files)
Networking (OSI model, TCP/IP, HTTP(S), Open server socket)
Design Patterns ( Singleton, Observer, Factory, MVC/MVP, Decorator, Adapter, etc.)
Web App Basics – Use Spring

TalentBoost admission process

The course is FREE for students who want to learn and are ready to dedicate much time for that. Following are the steps you have to complete if you want to participate in TalentBoost:

Send us your CV to x8 (dot) academy in gmail
The next step is someone of us to call you and have a short talk with you. At the end of it you will receive a test to complete
After the test there is a tech interview where we will discuss technical topics to test you knowledge and desire to learn
Last step is for us - to decide and notify all the applicants who are accepted.

Who are we?

Our mentors are our biggest asset. All their mentoring skills are a guarantee for your success!

Ilko Dragoev

  • Manager R&D, vRealize Automation at VMware.

Gancho Manev

  • Staff 2 Engineer, Advance Development at VMware.

Teodor Tonchev

  • Staff 2 Engineer, VMware Cloud Foundation at VMware.

  • Mentor at x8academy with 11+ years experience at: SAP Labs Bulgaria, Pivotal, Ocado.

  • Mentor at x8academy with 10+ years experience at: SAP, Microsoft, VMware, Chobolabs, Toptal.

  • Mentor at x8academy with 9+ years experience at: SAP Labs Bulgaria, Amazon, CSC.

  • Mentor at x8academy with 7+ years experience at: ReceiptBank, VMware.

Adelina Rudova

  • Member of Technical Staff, vRealize Automation at VMware.

Danail Grigorov

  • Senior Member of Technical Staff, VMC DRaaS at VMware.

Iveta Ilieva

  • Senior Member of Technical Staff, vRealize Automation at VMware.

Dimitar Dimitrov

  • Senior Member of Technical Staff, vSphere Client at VMware.

Aleksandar Lazarov

  • Member of Technical Staff, vRealize Automation at VMware.

Vasil Chomakov

  • Senior Member of Technical Staff, vSphere Client at VMware.

Alexandar Savov

  • Staff Engineer, vRealize Automation at VMware.

Dimitar Ivanov

  • Member of Technical Staff, vRealize Automation at VMware.

Emil Gelev

  • Member of Technical Staff, vRealize Automation at VMware.

Georgi Kostov

  • Sr. Manager R&D, VMware Usage Meter at VMware.

Hristo Trendafilov

  • Senior Member of Technical Staff, vRealize Automation at VMware.

Mario Stoilov

  • Member of Technical Staff, OneCloud at VMware.

Mariya Miteva

  • Senior Member of Technical Staff, VMware Cloud Foundation at VMware.

Rayna Stankova

  • Member of Technical Staff, VMware Usage Meter at VMware.

Kristiyan Georgiev

  • Member of Technical Staff, vRealize Automation at VMware.

Kostadin Samardjiev

  • Member of Technical Staff, vRealize Automation at VMware.

Atanas Atanasov

  • Member of Technical Staff, vRealize Automation at VMware.

Sucess stories

Paulina Takova, TalentBoost 2016 graduate

At high school I studied electronics with a concentration in hardware, but I decided to shift to software and that the Technical University of Sofia is the best place for me.

I decided that it would be very interesting to start developing software as I am attracted to technology since my childhood.

What I like about VMware is that it is a company with a world-wide reputation, which would have many growth opportunities. After a month and a half in the summer, I was very happy with employees’ attitude and professionalism.

I learned many new things in almost every field of programming. I got a better idea of what a company would expect of me as a developer and for the first time in my life I started working on a big project which was the best of all.

I got better in many things, but most importantly, I would say, I am more convinced that I want to be a developer now.

My internship (after Talent Boost) is going quite well, I am working on my project and I am learning new things every day. I working with new technologies that are very interesting to me. I had to start using many different programing languages that I hadn’t worked with before.

Do you have Questions?

If you still have any questions you can read the following questions and answers.

The training is absolutely FREE.

Top students will be offered 6-month internship position. We could not commit to an exact number.

At VMware’s new building Q-Center, 32 Tsarigradsko Schausse Blvd, Sofia